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  team leader Igor Besson


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The first guide, instructor of: mountaineering, snowboarding, freeriding, skitour,

kiting, surfing, cycling tourism.

*Since 2010 organized more than 100 teams Climbing Elbrus Western peak

*More than 60 successful summits as the first guide.

*Between 2012-2013 Igor is organizer and first tour guide. Worked in Nepal (trekking to the

base camp Everest and to Calla Pattar).

*2012 - Organizer of cycling tours around the Crimea mountains/Karelia.

*Since 2014 works as the organizer kitesurfing and surfing station in Goa (India).

*Since 2015 is the organizer of the annual cycling tours in Iceland

including climbing active volcano Eyyafyatlayokudl.

*Since 2013 the organizer of the adventure team Besson team;.

Igor has sport ranks in several directions. Forever in love with the Mountains!

Since April 2018 works together with Besson Teamon Elbrus for all season as a

snowboarding and ski tour instructor, the first and second team guide in mountains.

I always reply to messages in Facebook in 1 day.

Phones always available:

Mobile (Russia) +79315030001

WhatsApp +79315030001

Mobile (India) +917038303003 

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_MG_7609.jpg Besson Team Besson team 

Team manager Olga Kamkina

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*Client manager
*English, French, Spanish interpreter
*Fix bike lover
*Hiking and trekking experience through the Caucasus mountains

WhatsApp +79814467255

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The first guide/mountaineering instructor Vladimir Kondrashov

More than 80 ascents to Elbrus from the North and from the South
as an instructor and the first team guide.
More than 40 ascents in Besson Team

*Champion of Russia in Mountaineering and Master of Sports.
*Mountaineering instructor, ski-mountaineering instructor and alpine skiing professional.
*The head of the Chelyabinsks climbers club.
*Mountaineering Summer Training Camps instructor by "Besson travel"
*Leader and the first guide in the program Climbing Ushba (Georgia)
"I remember myself and my life just in mountains" - this what Volodya says at the first team

Besson Team  Восхождение на Ушбу vova3.jpg vova4.jpg  Besson team Besson Team

The first guide Evgeny Hieraskov


The first guide "Climbing Kazbek" and "Climbing Elbrus".
*Mountaineering CMS. Rock-climbing and ice climbing professional.
*Since 1998 he climbed the Matterhorn, the Eiger, the Giants Tooth.
*Since 2009 he has been working as a guide on Mount Elbrus, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn,
Kazbek and all Caucasus.
*More than 70 ascents to Elbrus from the south and north. He participated in the first ascent
to "Elbrus Western" on the north-western edge.
Joined the adventure "Besson Team" in 2016.

 zhenya3.jpg zhenya1.jpg a3nV9Es9PMo.jpgbesson team climbing elbrus  Besson team

The first guide Andrey Zubenko 

*He has been mountaineering since 2000.
*More than 50 ascents to the Western and Eastern peaks of Elbrus by Southern, Northern
and Eastern slopes, all seasons.
*Long distances running coach (TSU, 2006 with honors).
*Marathon CMS (CR Moscow, Luzhniki 2004, 2005).
He is engaged in mountain jogging and skyruning.
Joined the Besson Travel team as the second and first guide in 2017.

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The first  and second guide Vadim Medvedev  

*He has been mountaineering since 1984. 
*More than 50 ascents to the Western and Eastern peaks of Elbrus by Southern, Northern 
and Eastern slopes, all seasons. 
*Has first category in mountaineering
*Mountaineering guide

  Besson Team Besson Team Besson Team

The second guide Sofia Shilova 

Fire, Passion and Joy of the team.
*Alpine skiing and snowboarding certified instructor.
*Mountain guide in Krasnaya Polyana and Elbrus regions.
*Climber. Makes at least 20 ascents a year in different regions of our country: Bezengi,
Arkhyz, Khibiny, Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus region, Crimea.
Engaged in mountain jogging, skyruning and trail-running.
"If I run - its always up the hill!"
Joined the adventure team Besson Team as a second guide in 2016.
More than 30 ascents to the Western peak of Elbrus in the team.

besson team climbing elbrus  WsuO3OJt7L0.jpgКоманда Besson Team 
besson team climbing elbrus   besson team climbing elbrus  besson team climbing elbrus

The second guide Nadezhda Korolyatina 


*Champion of Russia in the race to Elbrus. 
*Has first category in mountaineering, 
*Mountain guide in Elbrus regions. 
*Multiple ascent of Elbrus and races around the world.

Besson Team Besson Team Besson Team Besson Team Besson Team

The first guide Anton Brichevsky 

*Mountaineering and ski-tour guide.
*Mountain bike MS. Has second category in mountaineering. Anton is a rock climbing
instructor and mountain skiing.
*He graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University and the Masters
program of the RSUFKSMiT.
*In his free time he prepares and climbs on mountaineering routes.
*The participant of high-speed ascents to Elbrus. Personal record is 3 hours 30 minutes from
the "Barrel" to the Western peak.
*More than 30 ascents to the Western and Eastern peaks of Elbrus by southern and northern
Besson Travel participant since 2017 as the First Guide on the route "The Eastern peak from
the North,Elbrus".

anton6.jpg anton4.jpg anton5.jpg 

Second guide Permyakova Elena 

*Lena is the heart of Besson team on Elbrus.
*The Olympic Reserve School № 1 (Ekaterinburg)
"Teacher of Physical Culture and Sports" (2011).
*College of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Ben Vader (St. Petersburg)
"Fitness coach" (2012).
*Master of Sports in Athletics (high jumps).
*Hiking experience through the Urals, Caucasus and Kyrgyzstan mountains.
*Fitness instructor since 2012.
*Joined the "Besson travel" team in 2015 as a fitness instructor and a second Guide.
*More than 40 ascents as a second guide in teams (2015-2017).
* Tracking to base camp Everest guide from 2017, Nepal.

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