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Time and place of the group meeting


All groups of Climbing and Fitness tours:

Igor Besson and/or Anastasia will meet you at the airport.

On the first day of the tour each group we meet in the airport Mineralnye Vody at 1:30 am, near the fountain in the center, you will directly see it.

On the last day of the tour will come shuttle at 9 am from the village of Elbrus Mineral Water (at the airport we will be at 12:30 by local time).

If you go to Elbrus by car, it is better to come to general meeting in Mineralnye Vody airport.

Immediately after the meeting begins the first day of the tour:


Photo and Fitness tour

Snowboard and Ski tour

In Mineralnye Vody airport fly a lot of planes from different cities of Russia and not only, if you look at the tickets in advance, their price can vary a lot. Guaranteed, you can catch flights cheaper if you start to watch tickets a month before the trip. You will help a well-known search geniuses called a Skyscanner! You can check also Aeroflot, C7, Ural airlines.

If you decided to come for a day or a few days before the start of the tour, in Min Vody or Nalchik - take a taxi to the settlement of Elbrus, after having informed the organizer of the group.

In Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe" we will meet you, additional cost is 20 euros a night. With us you will meet a whole group in the first day of your tour.

The second Option: to get to Elbrus by train to Mineralnye Vody. From the station to the Airport there is a minibus every 30 min. Or, if you decided to go by train, please inform the organizer about this and we will pick you up at the station after meeting the main group.

Third option: you can fly to Nalchik or Mineralnye Vody on the day of arrival of the group after fixed time of the meeting, in this way you will miss a first day of the tour (hot springs and blue lakes).

And by yourself you can get to Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe", the whole group is already at 20 pm will be there, we will meet you there.


Fourth option: by car to Airport Mineralnye Vody. Meeting and then right behind our bus you by your car.Directly the fist day of your tour starts and then also with us you go to Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe", we have no problem to leave the car there. We have a secure parking. Either the day before the group comes to Elbrus, leave your car at the parking, spend the night with us and next day you go with us by bus to meet the main group of the tour.

If you decided to get by yourself to base camp -it is the Elbrus village,hotel "Peak of Europe".