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What to take to climb Elbrus?

For climbing Elbrus from the South you will need:

Clothes and shoes are required for climbing Elbrus:

* Two T-shirts.

* Thermal underwear (price does not matter, the main task is to take moisture away from the body, athletic, slim, no need to take a thick insulated, because sporting thin quickly wicks away moisture),

* thermo mask - if there is a (not necessarily protects nose and cheeks from frostbite and sun burns, you can liberally smear the face cream, the need for masks is eliminated)

* Jacket lightweight hooded windproof for walking with temperatures up to +2, will fit a good jacket, if there is Gore-Tex or membrane, is very good.

* Alpine boots, plastic mountaineering boots under cat. The sole should be harder, preferably with a Welt for fastening of cats, in size, half a size more, the main thing that was not crushed. New shoes have to be tasted ,its very important!You have to make sure that you can wear them for long time before climbing. Plastic shoes, shoes for climbing, the storm itself, usually rent.

* Trainers, boots, high riding (closed ankle), good tracking is usually expensive, but there is a sense to buy it. In the economical option you can take indoor shoes high ankle, preferably waterproof, for a summer of climbing on the first days of the program is fine and sneakers, but in May a lot of snow, we'll have to take trekking, you can also save money taking them to hire on the spot, it's always cheaper than buying.

* Warm hat: Polartec or fleece, they are not expensive, light, warm and not blown.

* Socks trekking or snowboarding, insulated 2 pair or thermal socks high as the knee. These socks have a soft shock-absorbing structure inside, thereby further preventing the foot from blisters.

* Pants for climbing or snowboarding, you can just winterized, winter top with a waterproof material. Ideal: trousers - self-dumps, are then loosened from the sides completely, can be removed without removing boots.

* Knitted sports pants, or stretch for girls.

* Fleece jacket(lightweight but warm jacket made of fleece), sweater or Polartec.

* WARM THICK Down JACKET, if not, windproof warm jacket. Will fit any ski, snowboard better. Most importantly is windproof. (Jacket is the perfect option, if not - let rental)

* Insulated gloves (batting, ski, snowboard insulated)

* Mittens down for climbing (there for rent).

* Personal hygiene items, only the most necessary.

* Swimming trunks, bathing suit (for those who can swim in the thermal springs)

* A light raincoat (available for purchase on arrival to Elbrus for 5-10 euros)

* Sleeping bag with "Comfort - 5 - 10"...or what will find, we need only at the cabin for 3 nights, the temperature in the hut +5+2 , has hire.

The equipment you need for climbing Elbrus

Special equipment (crampons, ice ax, sticks - find the rent).

* Trekking poles are telescopic, you can ski, size approximately to the waist, the legs whole, the sharpness of the tip is irrelevant.

* Shoe covers

* Crampons 

* Ice axe (Choose the size of ax: if to take in the hand and stand up straight, the lower end of the ice axe should almost touch the ground)

* Safety system (arbor) with two things for self safety,two carbines

* Thermos 0,5 - 1 liter

* Headlamp flashlight (suitable for 5 euro diode, it is better to have 5-6 diodes)

* Cargo backpack 80 liters for lifting (getting) all the things in the hut, the high camp for overnight (sports bag)

* Backpack storm small 25 - 50 litres for the ascent and for the daily outputs in a small backpack you will have: a thermos, a spare jacket, snacks for the day, raincoat, camera, boys part of the group equipment)

* Sunglasses 100% protection Elbrus from UF, points should close around the eye to be tight. How to check points. If looking at them in the sun, eyes freely suffers, that is your option. Good points the thing is expensive, as is rent for 2 euros per day.

* Sunscreen! (SPF 30 - 50), not below enough one tube for 3 persons(important).

* Hygienic lipstick with UF factor !

If you do not have the listed equipment, its okay. Our forefathers ascended to Elbrus with cotton pants, a couple of wool sweaters, and top coat. I know quite a few well-equipped young men never who rise to Elbrus. Good equipment and strong muscles is not important when climbing. Willpower and perseverance make miracles. All that you will not be able to find, it will be possible to rent.

Recommendations on selection of equipment for a hike in the mountains, for climbing Elbrus


If you are active in tourism,hunting, fishing- it makes sense to buy Hiking boots. Certainly not worth buying them if you decided to hold extreme vacation in the mountains, decided to get acquainted with the Elbrus and are not sure whether you'll appreciate these shoes in the future. It is always possible to rent trekking shoes we have on Elbrus, directly on arrival. Rental is much cheaper than buying, given that Bicycle mountain shoes cost about 10 euros a day and for 5 days, then it is much cheaper than to buy trekking shoes.

If you decided to buy shoes, then here are some recommendations:

We are interested in trekking shoes for altitudes 2-5th. meters.

Hiking boots are almost an indispensable thing in any mountain hike, to climb Elbrus. Trekking shoes usually divided into categories depending on the heights, for which they are intended. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to a few things:

* Top of the boot should be high, which would firmly fix the ankle, protecting against possible dislocation.

* Lacing must ensure good fixation of the foot and ankle

* The sole should be firm, almost bendable, ideally, does not bend, and with good grippy tread, (many manufacturers put on their shoes special patented vibram sole - a great option).

* Back on the sole it is desirable to have the bezel (the notch) for semi-automatic fixing of cats to boot, a tall boot is often a Welt and front and rear.

* The material of the shoes should be modern, composite, with different multilayer breathable membrane or skin, ideally Gore-tex. Any fur inside (fur - a sign of amateurism to trekking shoes).

Shoes on height of 2-4 thousand meters found with soft sole, which is less practical.

There are trekking shoes which are suitable even for climbing to the top of mount Elbrus, though ideally it is considered that on mount Elbrus you need to go in a plastic Shoe designed for high-altitude climbing with extra internal insulation.

Trekking shoes suitable for climbing generally is much more expensive.

When choosing a Shoe, the foot should be well fixed inside, you can take the shoes half a size bigger and the toe was a little loose, but not in any way that would not be crushed! Try just with one trekking sock, sock for snowboarding or insulated, no wool socks!

Hiking boots are good because they can go in heat and in cold, they breathe, it does not get wet, well protect from injuries. Always a good spread of new shoes before going if you don't want to have blood blisters!

To buy or not to buy trekking shoes - you decide)

There's always a rental, where you can save.

In the summer on the first 4 day climbing high top sneakers are suitable, preferably waterproof or sports footwear.