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  • Олнайн бронирование тура на Эльбрус

Аpplication Elbrus

Tell us about yourself,experience of tracking,profession,goals and reason why do you wanna climb on Elbrus?

Medical contraindications, allergies, if you have that.How would you assess your overall physical health? Describe.

The list of necessary equipment for hire if required (a list of required equipment can be found on our web site)

No need to buy expensive equipment which may not be useful in the future, all you need can be rented on arrival to Elbrus. Rental prices can also be found on our web site.

After acceptance of the application by the team leader, you will get (near 2 days) all details for pre-booking.

Only after payment (full or half price) you will be booked.

And if you decided to do it,decided to change something in your life - don't step back and start a preparation today!

Remember that phrase? "All change tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes – you wake up every morning, and is coming Today!"

You're on the right track. Welcome to the team!