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There are 2 seasons in the Elbrus region. Winter and Summer.


The winter season is a paradise for snowboarders, alpine skiers and all lovers of winter sports. This season is clearly linked to the presence of snow on the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget. And of course the New Year Holidays on Elbrus like a magical time in the Elbrus region. The highest prices for housing are from December 25 to January 10 as however everywhere. On the cable cars there are queues, although the "French" cable car can raise up to 2300 people per hour. There are traffic jams at the entrances to the Azau and Cheget glades. So on holidays it makes sense to walk between the slopes up to the cable cars. To book a hotel better strongly in advance, and be careful with the private houses for new year holidays. There are fraudsters. Better to book through trusted operators or your friends.


You can't always see much snow on holidays. Snow cover can be viewed online. Video cameras are installed on the slopes of Cheget and Elbrus, you can always see the state of the snow cover on the slopes.


Also a reliable and informative weather forecast can be seen from the heights for Elbrus.


Prices begin to fall from March and April. I'll tell you one secret! The coolest time for skiing and snowboarding is March, April, May on Mount Elbrus!

Snow cover is almost always great. Just be careful on off-piste skating. Do not climb at this time to the North of Cheget and on the glaciers of Elbrus, Avalanche danger! On the prepared slopes there is no danger! Just pay attention to the prohibitory signs! Don't be like all Russians. They think the prohibitions are not for them) Carefully. By the way, we organize inexpensive snowboard tours to Elbrus from April. I work as a guide on these tours and I ride with the guys on the slopes for the first few days. We explore the tracks on Elbrus and Cheget. We invite you to join us from April to May. The sweetest time for skiing in the Elbrus region.


The snow lies until July at altitudes of 3500+ and you can safely ride on Elbrus. Now the cable car lifts right up to 3850, the height of our second base camp for the ascent to Elbrus "Besson travel". You can ride higher if you climb up to "Shelter 11" 4060 meters and even to "Pastukhov Rocks" (the upper edge of 4700, the lower 4600 meters.) Ask the organiser for the details.

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