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How to prepare for the ascent to Elbrus? Advice, recommendations:


Hiking in the mountains is a test of your body for endurance. Absolutely unprepared people will have muscles pain after the first day of the tour. To feel good in the expedition and keep up with the group, we recommend that you start preparing for the trip a month before, even earlier. If you decided to perform a feat, to climb Elbrus, to change something in your life, you should not give up and start preparing today. Remember: "Everything will change tomorrow, but tomorrow will never come - you wake up every morning, and TODAY comes!"


In the first days after the start of training some people feel muscle pain. It arises from micro ruptures of muscle fibers during exercise, and in part from lactic acid, which fills the muscles after exercise. Do not start immediately with the maximum power. Start with the usual workouts and light runs, gradually increasing the load. The pain passes quickly, and the muscles become stronger and stronger. To climb Elbrus you need to run for middle and long distances, skiing, cycling. Endurance classes should be alternated with activities in the gym. In this way all different groups of muscles will have time to recover.


From daily exercises it is very necessary to do squats. You can also include push-ups, perform exercises for the back and the ABS. Start with small loads, but do more with time. In the process of preparing for the trip, you should also control your meals. Include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains cereal. If you are a vegetarian, you know yourself better than anyone and everything you need in the food. Limit the use of baking pastries, fast food, carbonated drinks, fat and fried foods. Alcohol and coffee raise the pressure in your body, it makes sense to stop drink it at least a month before the start of the tour. Drink more pure water. Water flushes all the sicknesses in your body. Remember the big importance of water for your body! Smokers should think about the fact that it's time to free yourself of addiction. Many times I met happy people who quit smoking during the ascent to Elbrus.



Climbing Elbrus is an excellent shake-up for all muscle groups. Its checking for moral, spiritual and physical endurance. You will feel refreshed, stronger, more enduring and resistant to already small life problems after the tour. Enough to sit in the office and fly in a pestered Egypt or annoyed Turkey! Change your usual for a person rest for new strong impressions and find out what it is like "to rest after a rest" in the mountains, raise yourself with the mighty energy of the mountains!


Recommendations for training to prepare for the Ascension. If possible, try to run on a soft surface, rubber coating in the stadiums, paths, fields. Fresh air of forest paths is ideal for your spirit, perfect body and health. After one week training you will see how you want it again and again. The body is a perfect being, and as soon as you show it the benefits of loads and training, it will ask again, knowing what it gives itself health and a power of natural energy. You only need 10 days after for pushing yourself if you have not trained for a long time. Your body will quickly remember youth. Then you will want to train harder and harder.

Of course, in our practice were people who reached the peak without sport preparation. And opposite: for those who trained hard, the mountain for some unknown reason, did not let them go to the top. Nevertheless - if you begin to train and prepare for climbing Elbrus your chances of success reaching the summit will be much higher despite on unprepared people. And at the most crucial moment, when you need to make the final breakthrough to the top, you will say "thank you" to your trainings and physical preparation.


Begin to prepare at least a month before. Jogging preferably in the evening, because in the morning the body did not wake up completely and heavy loads may not be completely healthy. Warm-up or easy training is important and very useful for your heart in the morning. But in the evening you can give full load and sweetly fall asleep after a contrasting shower. Its perfect if you run at an easy pace 12 km without stops. You have a big chance to climb the top. A week before the start of the tour stop your workouts and let the body rest and recover. Sport loads will be in the very first days on Elbrus, so your spirit and body will quickly remember the load on trainings and feel normal.


Contrast shower for increased immunity. While taking shower start switching the water from warm and hot to cool and icy in three sets. A week after the beginning of hardening, you can already stand under the icy water for 30 seconds and more. Do not overdo it! There is a very thin line between hardening and sickness. You need to start gradually by switching warm and cool. Then increase the difference in temperature of the water according to the sensations. Then, when you swim in the icy water of the beautiful waterfall "Girl's Braids" on the third day of the program you will be thankful to yourself for contrast showers.


Vitamins. We recommend that you take ascorbic acid (2-3 vitamins a day a month before the start of the tour). Vitamins need to be taken systematically, day by day. Put it on a visible place in your kitchen, on the desktop, in the car. In the morning, lunch and evening. Of course, expensive vitamin complexes can also be used, but their effect is not much better than from usual ascorbic acid, so it's up to you. Drink more fresh water, preferably natural! To feel fine at an altitude of 3-4 thousand meters the climber should drink up to 4 liters of water per day. Accustom yourself to the water. Clean water brings more benefits to your body than you think.



1. To train or not is your choice. If you train more - you get more chances of success. A week before the start of the tour training should be stopped. Give the body a rest before climbing or hiking in the mountains.

2. Vitamins complex, usual Ascorbic Acid is not worse than expensive vitamin complexes! Drink more water!

3. Contrast shower increases the immunity and endurance of the body. We can't see the sun every day in the mountains. Tempering will prepare you to the piercing wind and chilling waterfalls in the best way.


Good luck! If you read how to prepare for an incredible adventure of your life - you are already Unusual and Happy. Get prepared for an ascension to Elbrus, do not forget to protect your health, body and spirit. We are waiting for you on Elbrus with smiles happy, healthy, tempered!


The power of a dream in its grandeur, over which even time does not have power. Tamerlane 1350 year.

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