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It is mainly concentrated on the southern slopes, where the cable way is located. The height of the lift is 3750 meters. Tehre is the shelter "Bochki". Its more than ten six-seated insulated apartment trailers and a kitchen. Now this is the main starting point for climbing Elbrus. "Shelter eleven" (4000 m) is the highest hotel. Burnt at the end of the 20th century. There is a new building, also actively used by climbers. It was made on the basis of the boiler house. There are 12 local trailers and kitchen. The work of the diesel generator with the supply of electricity to the trailers organizes in evenings. The Pastukhov rocks are located at an altitude of 4600-4700 m. There is an ice field in winter above the Pastukhov rocks. From the height of 5000 m a trail with a smooth altitude growth begins. The standard route to the Western and Eastern peaks passes through the col. From the col both peaks rise to a height of 300 m.

Work is under way of  the rescue shelter construction on the mountain saddle (height 5300 m) ("Station EG 5300") since 2007. It will be a hemisphere of a geodesic dome with a diameter of 6.7 m, installed on a foundation of gabions.  A base camp was prepared and the shelter design began in 2008. The construction work of the dome began in 2009: the members of the expedition erected gabions and transported the elements of the dome to the construction place (by helicopter). The completion of construction was in 2010.

The infrastructure is developed on the north side. Its a few huts (at an altitude of about 3800 m), which are used by tourists and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Usually this place i useable for west side ascents. The way to summit is through Lenz rocks (from 4600 to 5200 m) serves a good reference point for all climbers.

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