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Take 2 backpacks... one big (100 L+) ... and second is a small one (45L) for climbing. Start to collect a large backpack first. If your backpack has a base it is better to remove it (gives only weight) .... If it is not removable - it's okay, but will be a little heavier... We put the scrolled tourist mat vertically in the backpack (about 40 cm in diameter). As a result, we got a big cylinder with an empty space inside where we will put all our things. And remember - the backpack should be slim and tall but not thick and low as a sack!


A list of things that we need to put into a backpack. First is sleeping bag ... roll it very tightly and put it in a case (necessary!)...Place it as small as possible... We work it down the backpack in a "roller across" way. Jump with your feet into the backpack and make it compact.


Definitely is better to lay out all the things in front of the backpack on the floor for easy analyse what and when you might need it on the road. Put the first needed things on top of the backpack.

Then we take the boots for climbing and put inside them sport socks, underwear, woolen socks and whatever you can put inside. Make sure there are no empty spaces in shoes left. Put them after sleeping bags.


Then we collect all the winter clothes for climbing and roll every thing into a tight tangle. Do the same with a down jacket. You can fix it with a thin rope...When the tangles are ready - put them in a backpack, systematically pushing. You can help with your feet. Sharp objects put in a cover or wrap in clothing.


We put summer clothes on the top of the backpack, which you may need... do not take a lot. Go in the clothes in which you'll walk there ... Also put a spoon, a plate, a cup and a camera on the top... If the place left - put your meals up on it. Or take it in a separate bag ... Buy a few chocolates, nuts and dried apricots. Supplies very much needed in the mountains when we enjoy waterfalls and glaciers' passes.


Pockets are very important!... Put hygiene things, ascorbic, swimming suite... - so as to arrive quickly ... We go to hot springs immediately after arrival ... Put glasses, phones, headlamps... Basically the rest of the small thing which may be needed or simply did not fit into the backpack...


Put the rest stuff into a small backpack and we fasten it with all kinds of fasteners. Tie it secure ... Put your trekking poles through the straps, which usually on each side of the backpack. Put any material on a sharp tip of a pole.


Tight all the straps, check the list and make sure you don't forget all the stuff you need: money, PASSPORT, TICKETS in a secure place... Sit down and prepare to MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE !! .... Get to the top of Europe WHATEVER IT TAKES..

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