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For walking outside the urban asphalt it is very important to choose the right shoes. Only in comfortable shoes or sneakers you can pass many kilometers without the risk of rubbing your calluses, wet your feet or knock down the soles. In shoe stores are many models - from walking with a dog in the park to storming Mount Everest. Trekking is a hiking on rough terrain of varying complexity.


Despite on traditional sneakers, tracking shoes reliably fix the leg, protect the ankle area from slight dislocations, scratches and bumps. Also prevent the penetration of sand, snow and moisture "from the top". Many models of trekking boots have a special membrane or impregnation for protection of getting wet.


Shoes for thiking are quite tough. It provides reliable protection of the ankle from dislocations in different situations. If necessary, in such shoes you can make hikes along stony mountain trails, snow, glaciers. Its because of combinations of leather and composite materials, the top of shoes with a waterproof membrane and comfortable feeling in such shoes. Good tracking shoes usually do not get wet, the legs feel air and do not freeze.


What kind of shoes do you need use to climb Elbrus?


All fans of an active way of life and participants of tourist and mountain campaigns should buy hiking boots. Such shoes will suit for walking along city streets during the period of autumn and winter slush. It does not slip, does not get wet, the feet are dry and do not get tired and do not freeze.

There is no need to buy expensive shoes for hiking if you decided just to spend a saturated extreme vacation in the mountains and get acquainted with Elbrus. I'm not sure if you will find these shoes useful in the future. The participants of the tours to Elbrus can take hiking boots for rent immediately after the arrival. This is a more profitable option than buying (about 15 USD a day). For example, when climbing Elbrus, hiking boots you need for 4-5 days, and plastic shoes will be needed for summit (2-4 days). Take hiking boots for rent. Its much more reasonable than buying it for 500 USD if in the future you won't need them.


If you still travel a lot and hiking boots are useful for you in the future we publish some practical tips.


Recommendations for the selection of hiking boots before buying:


We are interested in hiking boots for heights of 2-5 thousand meters.

Hiking boots are indispensable in any mountain hike and for climbing Elbrus. Tourist shoes are usually divided into categories according to the heights for which the models are designed. The higher the altitude and below the air temperature, for which a certain model of shoes is designed, so it is more expensive. On the average, quality mountain footwear for hikes on mountains in the height of 2-4 thousand meters costs 100-200 USD.


When choosing it is important to pay attention to several factors:


* Choose shoes with a high top, tightly fixing the ankle, protecting against a possible dislocation;

* Lacing should ensure a good fixation of the foot and ankle;

* The sole of high-quality tracking shoes is solid, almost unbending, with a good tenacious tread. Many manufacturers put on their shoes a special patented sole "vibram" which is an excellent option for hiking in the mountains.

* It is advisable to choose models of shoes for ascents that have a welt in the back of the sole for fixing half-automatic crampons to the shoe. The models of trekking boots, designed for use at a large level, often equip the welt both in front and behind;

* The material of the boots should be modern, composite, with different multi-layered breathable membranes or skin, Gore tex ideally. No fur inside !

Trekking shoes, designed for hiking at an altitude of 2000-4000 meters are with a soft sole, which is less practical. Prices for such shoes are in the range of 50-200 USD.

There are hiking boots, with which you can even climb the top of Elbrus. Although ideally it is believed that Elbrus should walk in plastic shoes, designed for high-altitude climbing, equipped with an additional layer of internal insulation, inner felt boots and plastic boots, like a ski or snowboard boot.

Models of hiking , designed for climbing, are much more expensive - the price for them varies in the range of 200-500 USD.


In the process of trying on boots pay attention to a good fixation of the foot inside the boot. You can take shoes half a size bigger, so that the toe is slightly free. Do not buy tight shoes at all! You need to measure shoes for one tracking sock, snowboard sock or warm. But never use woolen socks and no 2-3 layers of thin socks.


The second and third sock simply limits blood circulation and helps you earn more calluses, thereby making only worse!

In trekking boots you can walk both in the heat and in the cold, they breathable and do not get wet. Also they have well protect from injuries. Try to walk in them a lot before you go in mountains if you do not want blood corns!


We hire our hiking, plastic boots, climbing shoes, clothes and equipment in Terskol village, at the foot of Elbrus. You can take the shoes for tracking the right size for hire.

Buy or not to buy hiking boots it's up to you!


Recommended brands: Mammut, Scarpa, Millet, La Sportiva, Zamberlan, Asolo, Lowa.

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