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We decided to make a separate topic for nutrition (because of big amount of questions about food from you, friends). How can you not to take care of your loved stomach :)

We live in the center of a tourist resort village during the tour. In a wonderful guest house, some people in a hotel nearby. There are grocery stores, cafes and restaurants around 20 meters from our accommodation. You can eat independently and with our team by nutrition program (70 USD) .

All our tours have a special food program.

On the day of arrival you have a meeting and the first dinner it will be clear if you want to take our food program for the tour.

Meals for the whole tour costs 70 USD, which includes:

- Breakfasts (various cereals, sandwiches with butter and cheese, tea, salads sometimes )

- Dinners (soups, salads, meat, sauces, tea)

An amazing chef cooks for the team. You will understand everything at the first dinner.

If you are a vegetarian, you just need to inform the cooker about it. All meat dishes, if they are on the menu we always serve separately. Often there are people in a team who do not eat meat.

The ration is built in such a way that the food is easily digested, bringing benefit to your tired body. We try to cook healthy and tasty food for you.

Why lunches are not included?

It's simple. In the morning and in the evening you are always in the base camp, either in the guest house (hotel) at the bottom, or in the hut on the top. And for lunch you are on acclimatization or training route. So for lunch you always have food in your backpack. A thermo bottle with tea, jam or whatever you like, sandwiches, cookies, chocolate, nuts... It all depends on your preferences. At the top you do not always want to eat, so you shouldn't take much food. Everything can be bought down in the shops. The thermo bottles are usually filled by the cooker from the downstairs in the morning. If you do not have a thermos, rent it in our rental centre (18 USD a day) for 7 days needed.

For lunch you can also order sandwiches with yourself from our chef, it costs 20 USD a day. So you decide how to organize your lunch. There are several shops around. The prices are about the same as in all Russia.

Who goes to the ascent the food is organized by guides on top in the hut. Duty assistants from the team are helping with the cooking. Usually there are people willing to help and there are no problems with the duty helpers. If you take the program for 70 USD, then once you have to help with cooking etc. You wash the dishes and in the morning fill thermo bottles for the whole group. In general to help with its always a big fun! You will understand after your time comes to it.

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