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Elbrus region is now one of the most popular and famous World Ski Resorts. Elbrus and Cheget located in the Baksan Gorge, Russia (Kabardino-BalkariaRepublic). For today it has 13 km of cable cars and 37 km of ski slopes. The two main slopes are Cheget and Elbrus.


Two-headed Elbrus is the highest peak in Russia, the summit of Europe.

The western peak of Elbrus is 5642m high, actually it is the summit of Europe. The eastern peak of Elbrus is 5621m. Only 21 meters below the western one. Elbrus is a volcano with two craters. On some slopes you can ski all year round. The highest cable car in Europe is located on the southern slope of Elbrus, the station "Gara-Bashi" (3847m) close to our second base camp "Besson travel". The cable car on Mount Elbrus serves the wide and comfortable route "Gara Bashi - Mir", accessible to all categories of skiers almost all year round.


Cheget is opposite the Elbrus. A wonderful panorama opens on its slopes to the view of Elbrus and the Baksan Gorge. Prepared tracks on Cheget are more popular with skiers than snowboarders. But off-piste skating on the northern slopes of Cheget is a favorite place for snowboarders to freeride. ATTENTION AVALANCHE DANGER!


Gondola cable lift "Elbrus": ("Frantsujenka" called)

Elbrus station 1. "Azau" 2350m.- «Stary Krugozor»st. (2950 m.). The height difference is 650 m. The longest track in Elbrus region is 2500 m.


Elbrus station 2. "Stary Krugozor" -"Mir" st. (3500 m.). The height difference is 550 m. The length of the route is 2000 m.


Elbrus station 3 "Mir" - "Gara-Bashi" st. (3850 m.). The length of the route is 1600 m.


There is also a ski lift "Elbrus": st. "Mir" - "Gara-Bashi" st. The height difference is 280 m.


Pendulum ropeway with 2 lines, from "Azau" to "Mir" station.


At all cable car stations there are many cafes, snack bars, souvenir shops and even a museum at Mir station. It can be very cheap to eat on the slope, if you compare prices to Europe resorts including "Krasnaya Polyana" in Sochi.


The total length of the slopes on Elbrus is more than 35 km.


Cable-lift "Cheget": the journey to the mountain is about 25 minutes by cable car. It starts from the picturesque meadow "Cheget", at an altitude of 2100 m. Than cafe "Ai" (2750 m) stop with a convenient survey site. The last station of the road is at an altitude of 3050m:


First line - two cableways: one-chairlift and a pair-chairlift. The height difference is 650 m. The length of the route is 1600 m.

The second line is a single-chair lift, the height difference is 300 m. The length of the ski slope is 900 m.

The cable car to Cheget lifts you from Cheget's Glade to the altitude of 3050 meters. The most striking freeride slopes of the country start from here to the North side of Cheget. ATTENTION AVALANCHE DANGER! Don't go to the North side without specially trained guides.

But there is a route also good for beginners under the cable car on Cheget. There are even places where guides teach snowboarders and skiers. All light trails are mainly on the Southern slopes of Cheget. Be careful with the South side because there is a border zone with Georgia. Do not go too far on the South and ride under the cable car, there will be enough place for everyone.


Popular sports on Mount Elbrus: tourism, mountaineering, mountain skiing, heli-ski, snowboard, freeride, freestyle, ski tour.

Tracks maps check in the photo gallery.

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