Climbing Mount Ushba

- Climb to Ushba is technically difficult and requires special mountaineering training. Preparation for climbing and acclimatization on mt.Elbrus. Category of difficulty 4A. Climbing from Georgia (Svaneti, Mestia). To make a dream come true and climb to Ushba, accompanied by experienced mountain guides, instructors of the Besson team.

  • A bright team of professional Guides;
  • We got a serious experience of climbing tours;
  • With own program for climbing;
  • Fitness and Photo tours to mountains of Russia, Georgia, Nepal for wives and children of climbing participants;
  • Amazing friendly company;
  • Own rental of climbing equipment, clothes and shoes;
  • Youth trained groups;
  • A big desire to realize Your Dream;



                 CLIMBING USHBA 2020           

      The north summit of mt.Ushba (4697 m)


Climbing Ushba with the first guide of Besson team Vladimir Kondrashov (champion of Russia in Mountaineering and Master of Sports, mountaineering instructor, ski-mountaineering instructor and alpine skiing professional)

Price - 1735 €


Day 1

Group meeting at the airport of Mineralnye Vody in the day of the tour beginning at 1.30 PM near the fountain. A trip to the thermal springs: a bathe in hot mineral waters where you can remove fatigue after the road and spend enjoyable time in the healing pools. We come to the base camp (170 km from the airport - Elbrus settlement). Accommodation in the First Base Camp "Besson team" is located in the hotel "Peak of Europe", right at the foot of Mount Elbrus. In the evening we have the first organizational daily meeting. After dinner we speak about equipment rental and answer on the other questions. A large rental of equipment and clothes for climbing is located right in the camp. The first night will be in the hotel.

Day 2
Beginning of the lowest acclimatization. We climb to the mountain Cheget 3050 meters high and enjoy a delightful view of Elbrus. The task is to spend 2 hours at an altitude of 3050 m. Acquaintance with the mountains, description of the route of the Elbrus Mount Expedition, fitting and fixing the equipment. Turn back to the hotel for a meeting and rental. Second night we spend in the first base camp.

Day 3 

We get up late and throw sleeping bags, equipment, food and clothes into a mountaineering hut to a height of 3,850 meters. A hut is above the clouds, which is the second base camp "Besson team". Self-detainment at a steep slope and proper walking in mountaineering crampons with an ice axe on a glacier. Night in the second base camp. 

Day 4 

Climbing to "Pastukhov Rocks". The height of the lower edge of the Pastukhov rocks is 4570 meters, the upper edge is 4700 meters. The task is to spend 1.5-2 hours at an altitude of 4800 meters, to fix the top phase of the acclimatization. Night in the first base camp. 

Day 5 

Early departure from the first base camp. Moving the border between Russia and Georgia through Vladikavkaz. Drive to the village Mazeri and lodging there for
the nigt. 

Day 5-12
Equipment Preparation and put up our backpack. Registration in the border zone department.
Climb to the north summit of mt.Ushba Includes 5 active days and 2 reserve days that can be used for recreation, due to weather conditions and health-being of the team. 

Day 13
Departure day. Crossing the border. The road to the airport Mineralnye Vody at night time. 

Восхождение на Ушбу      Восхождение на Ушбу    Восхождение на Ушбу


- Transfer from Mineralnye Vody airport to Elbrus Mountain and back
- all transfers in Russia and Georgia
- Accommodation at the modern hotel "Peak of Europe" Elbrus settlement, First Base Camp; 1 night in the second base camp on Elbrus (3850 m), 3 nights in guesthouse in Georgia
- Group equipment, gas.
- meals on the climbing route in Georgia (6th-13th days)
  - A trip to the thermal springs, where we bath in therapeutic mineral water, including the fee for entrance tickets to the springs.
- The entrance fee to the "National Park Prielbruse".
- Acclimatization ascents according to the program of the tour: Cheget Mountain and the rocks "Pastukhova", accompanied by guides.
- Mountain Guides' service. Guides and instructors, for the whole tour, including climbing to the north summit of Ushba
- Classes with an instructor on ice and snow preparation. Self-detention on the slope and proper walking in crampons with ice axe and trekking poles on the glacier.
- Organization of radio communication and navigation..
- Company Certificate of Ascent in the end of the expedition. 


- Flight ticket to Mineralnye Vody airport in both directions 90 - 220 €. The price depends on the dates, check the prices on the airlines' websites.

The earlier you buy - the cheaper it costs.
- Rental of equipment and clothes
- Unplanned overnight stays in hotels along the way
- Medical special insurance. The package must include cover for a range of eventualities such as repatriation, emergency helicopter transportation, mountain rescue and searh equipment with a helpline available 24 hours a day.
- food in the cafe and during the way


Восхождение на Ушбу    Восхождение на Ушбу   Восхождение на Ушбу